Persuasion comes from a process.

There's nothing mysterious about it.

Writing great copy isn’t about waiting for the muse to appear. It’s about knowing your customer even better than they know themselves.

High-converting copy comes from a systematic process that moves from the initial meet-and-greet to a finished product that gets results.

These are the steps I’ll take to create irresistible email copy that grows your audience, turns casual browsers into excited buyers, and sends your sales soaring.


During the discovery phase we’ll identify the problems new email copy could help you solve… and you’ll get a chance to see if I’m the right fit for the job.


Initial Client Call

We'll jump on the phone to discuss your project. We'll talk over your business goals, timeline, and the problems you're looking to solve -- and you'll find out if I'm right for the job.



Not sure what kind of copy you need? No worries. We'll set up a roadmapping session to drill down into your business problems and make a plan that makes the most sense for you.

Getting Started

We’re a match! Time to make it official and plan out our work together.

Project Plan

Once we've discussed your goals, we'll agree on project deliverables. I'll give you a firm quote for the project, and get started at my earliest availability -- often as little as two weeks.


The research phase is all about getting to know your ideal customer. Knowing your target customer’s needs and motivations gives us the best chance of crafting copy that converts.



I'll create a tailored research program to learn everything I can about your company, your product, and your target customers -- so I know what matters most to them before I ever write a word.

Your Research Program May Include:

Writing and Editing

This is where the magic happens.

Kidding. There’s no magic here. Just a straightforward process blending proven copywriting techniques, research from behavioral psychology, and the latest findings in conversion optimization.



I'll write your copy. I'll highlight the exact pain points we learned about during the research phase, and present your offer in a compelling way that'll make it a no-brainer for your audience.

You'll get a clean first draft in your inbox -- typically ahead of schedule.



You'll review the copy and send me your honest feedback. We'll go over your comments and suggestions together, and then I'll get to work on a pristine final draft.

A round of revisions is included in every project.

Launch and Optimization

It’s not over when your copy launches. Now we’ll start to see how your copy is performing — and get data we can use to make it even better.



Launch day is finally here. Your emails goes live, and sales start rolling in. Your inbox is filling up... with congratulations on your awesome emails.

You look like a rockstar. And I'm here to help you every step of the way.



Now that your emails are going out to real customers, we can start to dig into your analytics and look at what's working -- and what's not.

I'll stick around and help you test possible improvements to make your copy perform even better.

Work with a pro who gets the job done.

Looking for a customer-focused email copywriter with a process for getting you great results? Let’s start a conversation.